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    Damp Proofing Service

    The term ‘damp proofing’ refers to the wider process of preserving a property through damp prevention services. Any property, both old and new, can be affected by damp and high moisture problems.

    Older properties are particularly susceptible as building materials tend to deteriorate over time. Masonry can become porous; roofs can start leaking and damp proof courses can lose their effectiveness over time.

    If left unchecked, damp can cause all kinds of damage, such as:

    • Crumbling plaster
    • Rotting timber
    • Rotting timber
    • Warperd facing and skirting boards



    What Causes Damp In A Property?

    Damp is generally a symptom of a greater underlying issue. Therefore, the first step of rectifying damp in a home is identifying the source of the problem.

    If you see damp patches on the walls inside or outside your property, it could be due to any number of the following problems:

    • Rainwater penetration through defective masonry
    • Condensation
    • High ground levels
    • Rising damp
    • Defective roofing
    • External flooding
    • Leaking gutters and faulty down pipes
    • Defective sealing to windows or doors
    • Defective drains
    • Defective Cavity wall insulation
    • Tree roots damaging existing walls and damp proof course
    • Defective internal plumbing

    Once the source of the problem has been identified this should be rectified in conjunction with the  repair works.

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