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    Wall Stencil Painting Service

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    Stencil is one of the oldest and easiest ways to paint decorative. people can use it to create borders with various patterns on walls, ceilings, floors, and windows and doors. The stencils look like the back of a coloring page, with spaces where the pattern can usually be. stencils are Reusable and made of thin plastic or heavy paper. They are found in art stores or in paint stores.

    You can make your own stencils, too. Use thin cardboard – cardboard shirt is perfect. Draw the design, transfer it to tracking paper, and cut it with scissors or an art knife. Place the pattern on a piece of cardboard slightly larger than the pattern itself, trace it around, and cut it out.

    To transfer your design to the wall, engrave a stencil on all four corners. Use a special paint brush – usually round, but low on the bristles – to apply latex or alkyd paint. you need to pour the paint into an old saucer or pie tin. Apply a light brush to the paint, and then lightly brush it with kraft paper to remove excess paint. You should be working with a brush that is almost dry. Do not paint on stencil. If you do, you will force the paint under its edges. Instead, use a simple dabbing movement up and down. Let the paint dry until it touches, peel the stencil slowly from the wall, and move on to the next area.

    If somebody want to create a border using the same pattern over and over again, it makes sense to buy or make additional stencils to continue working in other areas as the paint dries in the original. If your stencil requires multi colors, paint only one color at a time and let the first one dry before adding a second.

    Ready-made plastic stencils are scanned and reused. Those made of heavy paper or cardboard, however, will last longer before the paint is saturated and weakens the stencil. If that happens, buy or make new ones so that the stencil stays on the wall as you paint.



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